At Raynham, we want to build on our children’s knowledge and understanding of the world they live in. We want to enthuse their natural awe and wonder and encourage their natural curiosity so that, by the time they leave us, they are ready to take on the secondary science curriculum with confidence and success. 

We follow the National Curriculum for the teaching of science and children learn by focusing on the key scientific concepts of:

  • Developing their scientific knowledge
  • Using skills to work scientifically
  • Scientific enquiry

We have also built into our science curriculum, a responsibility to build ‘science capital’ for our children, providing experiences and learning opportunities beyond the confines of the National Curriculum and the classroom which they otherwise would not have. This includes introducing them to scientists from different times and cultures, meeting scientists in action, developing our outdoor environment and organising trips within their local area and beyond. 

As the children move through the school, from Early Years to Year 6, their scientific knowledge and skills will deepen as they encounter them in more depth. Revisiting and making links to past learning is important so that children can increase their knowledge and skills in science and develop a broader understanding of the subject. 

Vocabulary enrichment runs through our whole curriculum and science provides an excellent opportunity to develop vocabulary that can be used in many other subject areas.

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Science Policy September 2022