School Council is a representative group of pupils who have been proposed and elected by their peers to represent their views and raise issues with Senior Leaders, staff and Governors of our school. A School Council can also propose and take forward initiatives and projects on behalf of their peers. The objective of our School Council is support all their peers. Student councillors represent the voice of pupils of our school.

The role of a School Councillor is to:

  •  Attend regular meetings with other School Councillors
  • Take time to listen to their peers ideas and suggestions and communicate these views to the council. 
  • Be responsible for carrying out ideas and feedback to your peers what has been discussed during council meetings and take action where needed. 
  • Play an active role in making the school a better place.
  • Encourage peers to be aware of their school environment and to respect and care for it. 
  • Help to organise events throughout the year.
  • Set a good example by wearing full school uniform, good behaviour and being a good representative for the school.


Senior School Council members will be responsible for specific tasks:

  • School Council Chairperson
  • School Council Secretary