Sustainability is essential to ensure a good quality of life for everyone without causing irreversible damage to the planet for future generations. This requires careful balancing of lifestyle, social equity and care for the environment.

The whole school community at Raynham Primary School are becoming increasingly aware of their responsibility to promote and practise sustainable development. As a school we have a special role to play in securing the future for young people; as a place of learning, we can help pupils understand our impact on the planet and through ‘leading by example’ are well placed to demonstrate sustainable living and working to pupils and the wider community alike.

At Raynham Primary School, we are keen to work towards improving our positive effects on the environment and reducing our adverse effects.

Road Safety Week Poster

Ben Fogle’s Zero to Hero Emissions Miles Challenge for KS2

At school your child has been learning about sustainable travel and electric vehicles. With the increased focus on improving air quality, alternative transport methods have become increasingly popular.Did you know that there are close to 230,000 electric cars on UK roads? Go Ultra Low is challenging all KS2 pupils across the UK to take part in a week of zero emission travel…
Can your child take part in Ben Fogle’s Hero to Zero Emission Miles Challenge?



Community safety, unity and cohesion

We are very proud to be part of a culturally diverse community that enriches our life experiences, and we would love to continue to build strong links with the residents in our postcode, whilst continuing to positively influence the children we teach to become responsible local and global citizens.

However; the exponential increase in muggings, robberies and the evident presence of drugs on our streets, is resulting in creating a climate of fear for safety whilst walking and travelling. We feel that a coordinated effort involving the government, the local council, increased police presence and establishment of safer neighbourhood communities alongside of creating guardians of the communities acting as positive role models is required to ensure that effective measures are put in place so that we enable the perpetrators of these crimes to make more positive life choices whilst keeping our community safe.

We would love to get your support in helping us to raise awareness of the issues we, as a community, are facing. Please sign the letters we are sending to the Prime Minister as well as the local council, local MP and the police. Help us to make a difference. Thank you.

Letter for safety around the school

Letter to the prime minister for safety around the school

Enfield Air Quality Banner Competition

As you are aware, climate change is a major issue on international agenda. We all have a part to play in alleviating some of the damage that has already been done through human activities. The best way to start raising awareness is to start at local level contributing towards a collective global reduction of damaging greenhouse gases.
Please encourage our children to complete Enfield Air Quality Banner to raise awareness of the importance of making more sustainable choices that help to improve the quality of air where we live.
Deadline is Tuesday 11th February 2020. All entries to be returned to Mrs Bejaoui.
Final Air Pollution and Banner assembly
Sustrans Air Quality Banner Template