Sustainability is essential to ensure a good quality of life for everyone without causing irreversible damage to the planet for future generations. This requires careful balancing of lifestyle, social equity and care for the environment.

The whole school community at Raynham Primary School are becoming increasingly aware of their responsibility to promote and practise sustainable development. As a school we have a special role to play in securing the future for young people; as a place of learning, we can help pupils understand our impact on the planet and through ‘leading by example’ are well placed to demonstrate sustainable living and working to pupils and the wider community alike.

At Raynham Primary School, we are keen to work towards improving our positive effects on the environment and reducing our adverse effects.

Road Safety Week Poster

Ben Fogle’s Zero to Hero Emissions Miles Challenge for KS2

At school your child has been learning about sustainable travel and electric vehicles. With the increased focus on improving air quality, alternative transport methods have become increasingly popular.Did you know that there are close to 230,000 electric cars on UK roads? Go Ultra Low is challenging all KS2 pupils across the UK to take part in a week of zero emission travel…
Can your child take part in Ben Fogle’s Hero to Zero Emission Miles Challenge?