We really hope you’re enjoying eating your school lunches. They are full of nutritional goodness. we would like to take this opportunity to let you know more about the food you are eating.

Please click website address below for Enfield Catering Service where you can find tips for cooking meals at with your parents, learn about food or your parents or carer can pay for your lunch using ParentPay. You can also access our current school menu.


Click the images below to view an enlarged image of our Summer 2022 school lunch menu that will start after the May half-term.

Week 1 menu served on weeks beginning: 6/6/2022, 20/6/2022, 4/7/2022, 18/7/2022, 5/9/2022, 19/9/2022, 3/10/2022, 17/10/2022

Week 2 menu served on weeks beginning: 13/6/2022, 27/6/2022, 11/7/2022, 12/9/2022, 26/9/2022, 10/10/2022














School meals cost £2.30 per day (£11.50 per week minimum).  We operate a cashless system and do not accept cash payments at the school. All payments need to be made either online at www.ParentPay.com or at a pay point centre.

Children’s accounts should always be in credit.


If your child has a packed lunch, please provide a clearly labelled lunch box and put the drink in a plastic container (no glass bottles). As we are committed to healthy eating we do not allow sweets, chocolates or fizzy drinks. Please click here to see what a healthy lunch box should contain.



You are eligible to claim free school meals if you are in receipt of any of the following:

  • Income support

  • Income based job seekers allowance

  • Asylum seekers allowance

  • Child tax credit only and have an annual income of less than £13,910 or the guaranteed element of state pension credit

If you think you may be eligible please call at the school office to collect an application form.