WEEKLY COVID UPDATE (17th January 2022)

We currently have 21 confirmed positive cases in the school in Edmonton Green Class (PM), Palmers Green (Reception), 1 England, 2 Botswana, 2 Nigeria, 2 Kenya, 3 Jamaica, 3 Mexico, 4 Germany, 4 Russia, 5 Fiji and 5 Tuvalu. These children is currently isolating at home.

As you will see from our letter below, following new guidelines, other children in the class do not need to isolate. However, we would ask all parents, particularly those who have children in the classes above to watch out for their children displaying any of the Covid-19 symptoms. If you are concerned, then please book a PCR test for your child. If this is positive please inform school and your child will have to isolate for 10 days.


You may well be aware of changes to the guidance regarding close contacts, but as I understand it these are as follows:

• Schools are no longer responsible for following up positive cases – this is now up to track and trace to let people know they are close contacts
• Classmates are no longer considered to be close contacts
• Children under 18 no longer need to isolate if they are considered a close contact
• Children only need to isolate if they have a confirmed positive PCR test
• Staff who are fully vaccinated also no longer need to isolate unless they test positive themselves

COVID 19 Risk Assessment January 2022 Update No.23