Welcome to Raynham Primary School

I hope that you all managed to stay safe during the holidays. Unfortunately, as we return to school we are faced with a third lockdown. Our Prime Minister believes it will take us up to half  term, meanwhile the school will remain closed. 

We are open for children of critical workers and our vulnerable families who will remain in their year group bubbles.

While the majority of you remain at home our teachers will provide online daily lessons via Google Classroom. We have also provided CPG workbooks in Key Stage 2 to further support  learning. Meanwhile our very dedicated staff will continue to follow our risk assessment in order to keep your children and of course themselves safe. Where an adult has tested positive for COVID-19  we will be very vigilant in taking all of the necessary steps and precautions. This may result in having to close a bubble for ten days.

These are certainly difficult and unprecedented times. I thank you all for your continued support and I urge you all to stay safe and healthy.