Maths Session for parents and carers

At Raynham, we believe that maths is not just a national curriculum requirement but an exciting, creative subject with countless cross-curricular links which are a crucial foundation for our children’s life skills.

To give you an overview of how maths is taught at Raynham, click on the link to Session 1 Maths NC  Overview and Approach to Teaching Maths at Raynham.

Maths Parents/Carers Session 1 2021 – Maths Curriculum Overview and Teaching Maths Approach


Below is also a parents/carers leaflet information for parents.

Leaflet for parents Maths KS1 and KS2


Furthermore, the following two links that I have referred to in the video are to White Rose Hub information for parents and additional videos about some of the core topics children are taught in Maths.


Maths with Michael