Our Intent:

Our curriculum is designed around our children, where our school vision and values form the basis of everything we do. At the heart of it is our foundation of developing communication and the creative curriculum. Our aim is to equip them for life and the workplace in the 21st century. We have high expectations, we challenge and stretch our children in their thinking and learning.

Vision: Our curriculum is our children’s opportunity
School Values
Respect We learn to respect myself, the community and the wide world. 
Equality As an inclusive school, we learn to treat each other as equals.
Kindness Showing kindness towards others helps us to become better citizens of the world. 
Responsibility We take responsibility not only for our own actions but also looking after our school and wider community. 
Resilience Through challenges and changes, we build resilience. 
Courage By trying new things, we become courageous. 
Teaching Aims
Learning outcomes:

  • To ensure that the curriculum is broad and well balanced following all subjects in the National Curriculum.
  • To develop the knowledge and skills of each child, showing progression from across the key stages. 
  • To create varied learning situations which are challenging in order to capture pupils’ interest and imagination.
  • To develop confident, resilient learners.
  • To ensure that the curriculum reflects the richness of our multicultural society.
  • To form strong links with the community.
Teacher expectations:

  • To provide a supportive, stimulating environment in which each child is enabled and encouraged to attain the highest standard of achievement of which he or she is capable.
  • To value each individual’s contribution irrespective of race, gender, religion or ability.
  • To encourage children to be aware of their behaviour and how it affects other people.
  • To create and maintain a safe appealing environment which reflects the children’s varied achievements.
  • To recognise that some children have a variety of special needs and endeavour to provide appropriately for individual’s needs.
  • To work with parents as partners in their children’s learning.
Aspirations of Learners:
Requirement: (What do we expect?) Actions:  (How do we provide these?) 
Skills Building on previous skills and adding extra challenges along the way. 
  • Assess previous skills learnt.
  • Developing life skills
Knowledge  Clear progression of knowledge gained from one year group to the next. 
  • Always start topics, revisiting previous knowledge.
  • Address misconceptions 
  • Close knowledge gaps, before starting a new topic. 
  • Developing creative thinking through first-hand experiences.


Our curriculum has been designed to take account of the legal requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and the Primary National Curriculum. Cross-curricular learning, immersing into progressive knowledge and skills and outdoor learning is pivotal to our curriculum delivery and ensure that our children are immersed in vibrant experiences, allowing each of them to express themselves as an individual. 

Using our Creative Curriculum enables the children to have opportunities to explore and investigate key concepts, as well as their own lines of inquiries. We choose themes that ensure the children can make real-life connections. Through our enrichment program, the children are getting access to a range of unique experiences like artists or specialists delivering workshops in school or trips to museums. 

Children are taught to value themselves as individuals as well as seeing themselves as part of a wider community both locally and globally which they share responsibility for. 

Our holistic approach ensures that the child is developed as a whole, which enables them to showcase strengths in different areas. The children understand that all efforts are valued, that making mistakes is also valuable learning and that we celebrate small achievements. 

The curriculum helps the children to understand and value where they have come from (our cultural history), they recognise where they are now (celebrating our uniqueness and our diversity) and they are aware of what we can become (knowing what is possible, seeing beyond the limits put on us and identifying strong role models)​.


Children First Academy Trust Curriculum Intent

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